FSone 2006

FSone 2006

FSONE is a very stable rFactor mod for the F1 2006 season

FSONE is an rFactor mod that simulates the Formula 1 2006 season. This is the first F1 mod created by the Spanish team at International Pro Mods. The game came out one month after the 2006 F1 season was over. While everyone was waiting for CTDP's mod for 2005, FSONE released the 2006 version. It does have some minor issues but nothing that would stop the masses of fans from downloading it and using it for their leagues.

The mod features all the teams and drivers from the 2006 season, the last one with Michael Schumacher. Therefore this game allows many players to simulate "The Keiser's" last full season in Formula 1. Although the best mod for that year is now the CTDP 2006 mod, FSONE 2006 is still a potent one. The download size and the resource intake of the mod are far less those in CTDP. This allows slower computers to run the mod without the same hassle as with other mods. In the end this mod allowed the FSONE team to bring higher quality products for the most recent seasons of Formula 1 racing. Version 1.3 is available on the official site, which is in Spanish. There, you will also find the download link.

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  • Great mod for F1 fans


  • Support stopped because v2007 was out
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